Monday, October 8, 2012

Save list of software installed in your system using CCleaner

Nowadays, many of us search the Internet for free software.
We download them, install them, try them for some time and uninstall some of them.

This keeps on going. Sometimes we do not have a track or list of the software that are currently in the system.

A time comes, when there is a problem with the system, that the OS has to be repaired or reinstalled.

After reinstalling the OS like Windows, we may wonder how many software were present in the Start menu.

During these times, having a list of software currently installed, comes handy.

Now and then, you can take a list.
You can download CCleaner and use it. You can download it here.

How do you save a list of software?

Step 1 : Load CCleaner

Step 2 : Click on Tools option. It is the 3rd option on the left.

It shows the list of software that are installed in the system.

Step 3:   Click on Save to text file button. 

It opens up the Save As window, that you see whenever a file has to be saved.

Choose your folder where the file has to be saved and click on Save button.

The filename is install.txt. It will be stored in the folder you had selected.

Step 4:  View the install.txt file

You can see the list of software in this text file

So, this is how you can take a list of software presently installed in your system.

For clarity and safety:

  • You can rename the file with the date so that you will know when was this list taken.
    For example, you can rename it to 09-oct-12-softwarelist.txt
  • You can store this file online in storage facilities like Google Drive, etc.

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Clean all temporary files in your PC using CCleaner

We tend to accumulate lot of temporary files in our PC.

These files come from various sources including web pages, media files, etc.

To properly clean temporary files, you can use CCleaner software. You can download it free.

It is quite easy to clean the temporary files also.

Step 1: Load CCleaner 

CCleaner initial screen
CCleaner initial screen

Ensure that you are in the option Cleaner. It is better to click on the option Cleaner. 
You can see the button Analyze at the bottom

Step 2: Click on Analyze button

It will show you  what types of temporary files are present.
Temporary files that are found
After Analyze button is clicked

 In this screenshot, you can see that, it shows the files related to Internet Explorer, Recycle Bin, Google Chrome.

Once you see this, you can take action.

Step 3: Click on Run Cleaner button you see at the bottom right. 

Confirmation to delete
Confirmation to delete

 The software will ask you for confirmation. Click on OK button.

Files that were deleted
After cleaning is complete

Now CCleaner has deleted the temporary files in your PC.

 It also shows what type of temporary files were deleted. The list is same as that you saw in the previous screenshot.

So, this is how you clear the temporary files in your system. 

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Google maps -important place to get listed

Google maps is a wonderful service used my many searchers worldwide.

Google also invites people to list themselves in this service.

If you are running a business, you must get listed in google maps.

When people search for you, they can identify the location from google maps.

Just like any important directory, this visual service is a must for your business.

Google does not charge for this service. It's free just like google directory or search engine.

So, get yourself or your business listed in Google Maps quickly.
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keyloggers: escape from this malware and protect passwords

You are already aware, that viruses have done enough damage, to our computers.
Next came the malware, where a software, which appears to do some work,  also does some underground work, and spoils your computer, or sends some data,  from your computer  to a remote site.  That also has done, enough damage.

But keyloggers, are another dangerous variety. These programs are malware, but collect your keystrokes, and send them to a remote site. The most commonly targeted ones, are the popular email sites, like hotmail, yahoo etc.,  and what you type after that.

Most of us type the website address, email address, password one after another, and hit the Enter key.

By capturing these keystrokes, a malicious person tries to use these, in the respective email websites.
If it works, they change the password and take away your data.

I have a simple suggestion, to escape from these keyloggers.

Instead of typing the website address, use bookmarks/favourites and enter the website.
Keep your regularly used, email providers like, hotmail, yahoo, gmail, in your Favourites or Bookmark list.

To type  email address, type 2nd part of email address, use mouse to click at the beginning of email address box, type the 1st part of email address .
For example,  if email address  is jackson, type the word son, click at beginning, and then, type the word jack.

Use the mouse, to go to password box. For password also, you can use the same method.

This is a simple trick.  I am using this. I am sure you will find this safe and useful.
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finding when yahoo email address is compromised and how to handle it

Recently, I am seeing people's  yahoo  email being compromised.

What happens is, a fake message is sent to  all the contacts of that yahoo email,  asking for money. 

The owner of the email, generally is not aware of this. 

Apart from this type of email, other types of spam emails are also sent regularly, from the yahoo email.

How can we spot this type of attack ?

In your contacts list, add one of your other email address like hotmail or gmail. 

When this type of message comes out, a copy is received in your other email address. 
So, you will know your account is compromised, immediately.

When this happens  I strongly suggest to wind up that account.

First, change the password.
Second, create another yahoo email address.  Inform all your contacts about this new yahoo email address. 
Third, stop using old yahoo email address. Also, report that email address is compromised to yahoo.

As a precaution for your friends, you can have the habit of signing your email in a particular way.
Tell them this is how you end your email.
For example, you can end the email message with, Best wishes from , or,  With all best regards, etc. 

If they see any emails without the regular style, it should be considered a suspicious one. 
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Google adwords for ppc advertising. I am a consultant for promotion

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is presently the most easy and result oriented advertising medium.
It comes under PPC advertising. PPC means Pay Per Click. Instead of paying newspapers for display advertisements that charge for just publishing, in PPC method, you pay only for the clicks you get from visitors.

Moreover, the advertisements are shown only to those google visitors who search for keywords that match your advertisements. So, Google Adwords matches the searching population with your advertisements.

How Google Adwords can help us in targeted advertising?

When you match your product related terms with keywords that are used by prospects, you have taken one good step ahead.

When you create advertisements that match those keywords, and Google Adwords system displays your advertisements when people search using those keywords, you have taken the second step ahead.

When you prepare a good landing page or sales page in your website, which matches what the prospects search for, you have taken the final step towards sales.

As a Consultant for Google Adwords, how I made a successful campaign?

When I came across Google Adwords back in 2007, I was surprised that a budget was offered so that we can control our advertising expenses. Moreover, the budget can be set in Indian rupees.

As a consultant, I had to first create advertisements for my clients, which must get some impressions for the expected keywords. So a few advertisements were created after going through Google Adwords help.
Some of the advertisements got good impressions.

The next expectation from me as a consultant, is to get enough clicks for those advertisements. When I modified and optimized the campaign, bidding rates, etc. I saw some good clicks for advertisements.

The next important step is to check on the CTR, which means Click through rate. What percent of people who saw the advertisement, actually clicked on it. Once it went above 1%, it is comfortable.

The sales page of the website, was kept ready for taking the sales call.

By using Google tools, I was able to offer consultancy on how to tune up the campaign, budgets, keywords and the sales page itself.

Now, I am a specialist   Google Adwords Consultant for promotion of products or services online.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When an ambulance van passes by,
Give Way and also Pray !

Recently people started to give some consideration when they
hear the ambulance siren.

Many bikers particularly immediately try to move to the left corner
of the road to give way.

Yesterday, my brother told what he saw while travelling.

An ambulance was speeding by.

His car also gave way.

2 people on  a bike also stopped and gave way.

When the ambulance went past them,
the people on the bike did the typical hindu quick praying gesture.
Generally  in southern india, people touch either side of their chins twice.
It is a short form of the regular gesture.

While many show concern for the person in the ambulance,
a quick prayer for the recovery of that person is also a good gesture.

My brother felt we can all pray like this when we see an ambulance
or even a fire engine speeding by.

Combined prayer from strangers who dont have any direct benefit has a strong effect.

Now onwards, when an ambulance passes by, let us give way and also pray.