Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Single common messenger for all email accounts

A single, common messenger, for all email accounts.

Most of us, have atleast 3 email accounts, most probably, hotmail, yahoo and gmail.
To keep in touch with contacts, you may have used, respective messengers.
For hotmail you used msn messenger, for yahoo you used yahoo messenger,
and for gmail, you used google talk.

Instead, you can use just one common messenger for all these accounts.

The software is Pidgin.

You can install it, and set the various email account username, password.
You can also set it, to notify you, when new email arrives.

To download pidgin, you can go to
and look for the "offline installer" link.

The reason for downloading, the offline installer version is, to get the GTK kit, which is needed.
This offline installer has GTK also and you can install it easily.
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