Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When an ambulance van passes by,
Give Way and also Pray !

Recently people started to give some consideration when they
hear the ambulance siren.

Many bikers particularly immediately try to move to the left corner
of the road to give way.

Yesterday, my brother told what he saw while travelling.

An ambulance was speeding by.

His car also gave way.

2 people on  a bike also stopped and gave way.

When the ambulance went past them,
the people on the bike did the typical hindu quick praying gesture.
Generally  in southern india, people touch either side of their chins twice.
It is a short form of the regular gesture.

While many show concern for the person in the ambulance,
a quick prayer for the recovery of that person is also a good gesture.

My brother felt we can all pray like this when we see an ambulance
or even a fire engine speeding by.

Combined prayer from strangers who dont have any direct benefit has a strong effect.

Now onwards, when an ambulance passes by, let us give way and also pray.

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