Thursday, June 7, 2012

Google adwords for ppc advertising. I am a consultant for promotion

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is presently the most easy and result oriented advertising medium.
It comes under PPC advertising. PPC means Pay Per Click. Instead of paying newspapers for display advertisements that charge for just publishing, in PPC method, you pay only for the clicks you get from visitors.

Moreover, the advertisements are shown only to those google visitors who search for keywords that match your advertisements. So, Google Adwords matches the searching population with your advertisements.

How Google Adwords can help us in targeted advertising?

When you match your product related terms with keywords that are used by prospects, you have taken one good step ahead.

When you create advertisements that match those keywords, and Google Adwords system displays your advertisements when people search using those keywords, you have taken the second step ahead.

When you prepare a good landing page or sales page in your website, which matches what the prospects search for, you have taken the final step towards sales.

As a Consultant for Google Adwords, how I made a successful campaign?

When I came across Google Adwords back in 2007, I was surprised that a budget was offered so that we can control our advertising expenses. Moreover, the budget can be set in Indian rupees.

As a consultant, I had to first create advertisements for my clients, which must get some impressions for the expected keywords. So a few advertisements were created after going through Google Adwords help.
Some of the advertisements got good impressions.

The next expectation from me as a consultant, is to get enough clicks for those advertisements. When I modified and optimized the campaign, bidding rates, etc. I saw some good clicks for advertisements.

The next important step is to check on the CTR, which means Click through rate. What percent of people who saw the advertisement, actually clicked on it. Once it went above 1%, it is comfortable.

The sales page of the website, was kept ready for taking the sales call.

By using Google tools, I was able to offer consultancy on how to tune up the campaign, budgets, keywords and the sales page itself.

Now, I am a specialist   Google Adwords Consultant for promotion of products or services online.

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