Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finding when yahoo email address is compromised and how to handle it

Recently, I am seeing people's  yahoo  email being compromised.

What happens is, a fake message is sent to  all the contacts of that yahoo email,  asking for money. 

The owner of the email, generally is not aware of this. 

Apart from this type of email, other types of spam emails are also sent regularly, from the yahoo email.

How can we spot this type of attack ?

In your contacts list, add one of your other email address like hotmail or gmail. 

When this type of message comes out, a copy is received in your other email address. 
So, you will know your account is compromised, immediately.

When this happens  I strongly suggest to wind up that account.

First, change the password.
Second, create another yahoo email address.  Inform all your contacts about this new yahoo email address. 
Third, stop using old yahoo email address. Also, report that email address is compromised to yahoo.

As a precaution for your friends, you can have the habit of signing your email in a particular way.
Tell them this is how you end your email.
For example, you can end the email message with, Best wishes from , or,  With all best regards, etc. 

If they see any emails without the regular style, it should be considered a suspicious one. 
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