Monday, October 8, 2012

Clean all temporary files in your PC using CCleaner

We tend to accumulate lot of temporary files in our PC.

These files come from various sources including web pages, media files, etc.

To properly clean temporary files, you can use CCleaner software. You can download it free.

It is quite easy to clean the temporary files also.

Step 1: Load CCleaner 

CCleaner initial screen
CCleaner initial screen

Ensure that you are in the option Cleaner. It is better to click on the option Cleaner. 
You can see the button Analyze at the bottom

Step 2: Click on Analyze button

It will show you  what types of temporary files are present.
Temporary files that are found
After Analyze button is clicked

 In this screenshot, you can see that, it shows the files related to Internet Explorer, Recycle Bin, Google Chrome.

Once you see this, you can take action.

Step 3: Click on Run Cleaner button you see at the bottom right. 

Confirmation to delete
Confirmation to delete

 The software will ask you for confirmation. Click on OK button.

Files that were deleted
After cleaning is complete

Now CCleaner has deleted the temporary files in your PC.

 It also shows what type of temporary files were deleted. The list is same as that you saw in the previous screenshot.

So, this is how you clear the temporary files in your system. 

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