Wednesday, October 3, 2012

keyloggers: escape from this malware and protect passwords

You are already aware, that viruses have done enough damage, to our computers.
Next came the malware, where a software, which appears to do some work,  also does some underground work, and spoils your computer, or sends some data,  from your computer  to a remote site.  That also has done, enough damage.

But keyloggers, are another dangerous variety. These programs are malware, but collect your keystrokes, and send them to a remote site. The most commonly targeted ones, are the popular email sites, like hotmail, yahoo etc.,  and what you type after that.

Most of us type the website address, email address, password one after another, and hit the Enter key.

By capturing these keystrokes, a malicious person tries to use these, in the respective email websites.
If it works, they change the password and take away your data.

I have a simple suggestion, to escape from these keyloggers.

Instead of typing the website address, use bookmarks/favourites and enter the website.
Keep your regularly used, email providers like, hotmail, yahoo, gmail, in your Favourites or Bookmark list.

To type  email address, type 2nd part of email address, use mouse to click at the beginning of email address box, type the 1st part of email address .
For example,  if email address  is jackson, type the word son, click at beginning, and then, type the word jack.

Use the mouse, to go to password box. For password also, you can use the same method.

This is a simple trick.  I am using this. I am sure you will find this safe and useful.
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