Monday, October 8, 2012

Save list of software installed in your system using CCleaner

Nowadays, many of us search the Internet for free software.
We download them, install them, try them for some time and uninstall some of them.

This keeps on going. Sometimes we do not have a track or list of the software that are currently in the system.

A time comes, when there is a problem with the system, that the OS has to be repaired or reinstalled.

After reinstalling the OS like Windows, we may wonder how many software were present in the Start menu.

During these times, having a list of software currently installed, comes handy.

Now and then, you can take a list.
You can download CCleaner and use it. You can download it here.

How do you save a list of software?

Step 1 : Load CCleaner

Step 2 : Click on Tools option. It is the 3rd option on the left.

It shows the list of software that are installed in the system.

Step 3:   Click on Save to text file button. 

It opens up the Save As window, that you see whenever a file has to be saved.

Choose your folder where the file has to be saved and click on Save button.

The filename is install.txt. It will be stored in the folder you had selected.

Step 4:  View the install.txt file

You can see the list of software in this text file

So, this is how you can take a list of software presently installed in your system.

For clarity and safety:

  • You can rename the file with the date so that you will know when was this list taken.
    For example, you can rename it to 09-oct-12-softwarelist.txt
  • You can store this file online in storage facilities like Google Drive, etc.

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